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                       Whistleblowers and Researchers to take note of...

                                                               Corey Goode:

 Claims to be part of the Secret Space Program(SSP) as a intuitive empath since his "recruitment" as a child. He says he's done three "20-and-backs", which he was taken by the SSP, and worked for them for twenty years, and then "time-regressed" to his original point of departure. Claims to have visited a slave colony on Mars, serves as an ambassador (asked for by name) for the Blue Avian race. Corey has also interacted as an empath with several off-world intelligent species.
 I believe him. It's pretty easy to tell if someone is lying. They usually want the spotlight. They hammer away to get their lie across, and then do it all over again. A few days later, the story changes or gets embellished. Corey Goode is consistant. He almost comes off as timid. He's not seeking fame or fortune. His answers are short and to the point. "Yes", is more often than not, followed by a pause, supposing he should say more than just "yes". Not the trade of a liar. There's also some sensitive and personal information he refuses to share. A fraud wouldn't care. Anything to get you to believe them.
 Coreys' web site is https://spherebeingalliance.com/
                                                              David Wilcock:

 First saw him on "Ancient Aliens". I wasn't very impressed. An interest in Antarctica led me to watch " THE ANTARCTIC ATLANTIS" Part 1 & "ENDGAME PART 2". I found him to be intelligent and well read. This was also my introduction to Corey Goode. He conducts his investigations as the police do, witholding vital information to weed out the frauds and spotlight seekers. The smart thing to do. He also cites sources to back up his research. In the field for over 20 years, he's an excellent investigator. Author of "The Synchronicity Key", "The Source Field Investigations", "The Ascension Mysteries", and several other publications as well as articles. He also hosts two shows on GAIATV - Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure.
 His web sites are http://divinecosmos.com/ and http://dwilcock.com/

                                                                 Bill Tompkins:

 William Tompkins is a gifted visual artist and draftsman, he was noticed by the Navy as a young man for his adept skills of model making. Recruited into the Navy on September 26th, 1945, he was given a special project assignment and sent to a number of aeronautics companies who were contracted to develop secret space program technology. He eventually ended up working for Douglas in a think-tank tasked with reverse engineering extraterrestrial communication systems. He was specifically given the assignment of designing spacecraft carriers that were one to six kilometers long. Eventually, these vehicles would be built in massive underground shipyards in Utah during the 1970’s, used by the Solar Warden secret space program faction revealed by Corey Goode and Gary McKinnon. He began revealing his experiences to the public in 2015 with his book, "Selected by Extraterrestrials." He died on August 21, 2017 from a brain bleed. He was 94, so I doubt he was silenced.
                                                          Linda Moulton Howe:

 Linda Moulton Howe (born January 20, 1942) is an American investigative journalist and Regional Emmy award-winning documentary film maker best known for her work as a ufologist and advocate of a variety of conspiracy theories, including her investigation of cattle mutilations and conclusion that they are performed by extraterrestrials. She is also noted for her speculations that the U.S. government is colluding with aliens. She is currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Linda's online at https://www.earthfiles.com/
                                                        Richard Hoagland:

 Richard Charles Hoagland, is an American author, and a proponent of various theories about NASA, lost alien civilizations on the Moon and on Mars and other related topics.
 Richard C. Hoagland is also the founder of the Enterprise Mission http://www.enterprisemission.com/ , recipient of the Angstrom Medal, former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, author of "The Monuments of Mars", co-creator of the "Pioneer Plaque", originator of the "Europa Proposal", and principal investigator of The Enterprise Mission.
                                                      Graham Hancock: 
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Hancock’s early years were spent in India, where his father worked as a surgeon. Later he went to school and university in the northern English city of Durham and graduated from Durham University in 1973 with First Class Honours in Sociology. He went on to pursue a career in quality journalism, writing for many of Britain’s leading newspapers including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Guardian. He was co-editor of New Internationalist magazine from 1976-1979 and East Africa correspondent of The Economist from 1981-1983. Hancock’s breakthrough to bestseller status came in 1992 with the publication of "The Sign and The Seal", his epic investigation into the mystique and whereabouts today of the lost Ark of the Covenant. ‘Hancock has invented a new genre,’ commented The Guardian, ‘an intellectual whodunit by a do-it-yourself sleuth.’ "Fingerprints of the Gods", published in 1995 confirmed Hancock’s growing reputation. Described as ‘one of the intellectual landmarks of the decade’ by the Literary Review, this book has now sold more than three million copies and continues to be in demand all around the world. Hancock has now completed "Magicians of the Gods", the sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods. Published on 10 September 2015 in the UK and on 10 November 2015 in the US, Magicians is not an update of Fingerprints, but a completely new book presenting compelling new evidence for a lost civilization and for the global cataclysm that swept it from the earth. Check out Graham at https://grahamhancock.com/
                                                      Dr. Steven Greer:

 Steven Macon Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American retired traumatologist and ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of allegedly suppressed UFO information.
 In 1997, Greer, along with other members of CSETI, including Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, made a presentation at a background briefing for members of Congress. In 1998, Greer gave up his career as an emergency room physician in favor of the Disclosure Project.
 In May 2001, Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that featured 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers. According to a 2002 report in the Oregon Daily Emerald, Greer has gathered 120 hours of testimony from civilians and various government and military officials, including astronaut Gordon Cooper and a brigadier general, on the topic of UFOs.
 In 2013, Greer co-produced Sirius, a documentary detailing his work and hypotheses regarding extraterrestrial life, government cover-ups and close encounters of the fifth kind. The film was directed by Amardeep Kaleka and narrated by Thomas Jane, and covers Greer's 2006 book "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge." The movie premiered on April 22, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, and features interviews from former government and military officials.
 Dr. Greer can be found at http://www.disclosureproject.org/index.shtml  and
                                                            Phil Schneider:

 Phil Schneider was a US government geologist, engineer and arguably one of the most controversial figures in the world of ufology and extraterrestrial subjects. Phil was born in 1947 and worked for the US Government for years. He worked in the field of nuclear medicine, was involved with the “Philadelphia Experiment”, as well as working for the Government in building underground military bases. Phil was quiet about his work, and his knowledge on extraterrestrial. However, after the death of his father in 1993 and the murder of his friend Ron Rummell, Phil decided to shed light to some of the most controversial topics in history: Aliens.
 Aside from the Alien Agenda, Phil Schneider’s material can be broken down into five other conspiracy theories: the black budget, the Dulce Wars, deep underground military bases or DUMB’s, Advanced aircraft and the New World Order.
 The Dulce Wars takes place in 1979, when Phil Schneider is part of a drilling operation at Dulce NM. After four shafts have sink, Schneider was appointed to travel down to determine the problem. He claims he discovered a cavern with aliens, and members of the FBI and the black berets were forced to intervene.
 Phil Schneider died (murdered) in January 1996. Official cause for death was suicide. However, the events leading up to the death of Phil Schneider is what makes it controversial. In May 1995, in his speech, Phil talked publicly about the Alien Agenda, The New World Order, Black Budget, Secret Military Bases and much more.
Following his death, neither the police neither the medical examiners finished their investigation. Many believe he was the victim of his “freedom of speech”. His knowledge and his desire to be public, and his indication he will release a book with everything that he knows, all of his notes, photos and manuscripts had to be removed. Following his death, his manuscripts, photos and notes were stolen.
                                                               Dr. Judy Wood:

 Judy Wood Ph.D. is a materials scientist and former assistant professor of mechanical engineering who believes the World Trade Center towers were destroyed by a directed energy weapon.
 She earned her doctorate in materials engineering science from the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, in 1992. Her dissertation was on the topic of thermal stresses in bimaterial joints.
 From 1996-9 she was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Tech. From 1999 to 2006 she taught mechanical engineering at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Since 2006 she has been an independent researcher, lecturer and author.
 Dr Wood's observation of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 led her to the conviction that the towers did not collapse but were "dustified" by a directed energy weapon. According to her, dustification involves molecular dissociation and transmutation.
 In a whole series of lectures and media appearances, Wood has maintained that the debris pile was nowhere near tall enough to account for the aggregate mass of the towers and their contents. Rather, she states, the towers were pulverized in mid-air and simply blew away on the breeze.
For more information http://drjudywood.com/

                                                                Jordan Maxwell:

 Jordan Maxwell (real name Russell Pine) continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three and a half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America's oldest Freethought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world.
 He has conducted dozens of intensive seminars, hosted his own radio talk shows, guested on more than 600 radio shows, and written, produced and appeared in numerous television shows and documentaries (including three 2-hour specials for the CBS TV network, as well as the internationally acclaimed 5-part Ancient Mystery Series - all devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on world affairs today.
 His work on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades.
Jordan’s areas of interest include:
* Astro-Theology
* Sexual Symbolism in World Religions
* Foundations of Modern-Day Religion
* Secret Societies and Toxic Religion
* World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern
* Ancient Symbols and Occult Emblems
* Ancient Sciences and Technology
* Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries
* The Sun in the History of Politics and Religion
* The Story Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Know
* Secret Societies and Their Influence on World Events
 Over the years, Jordan had a string of peculiar personalities come into his life, ostensibly offering help, only to find out later their true intent — take for themselves everything Jordan was trying to do. This caused Jordan severe economic harm, and made it very difficult for Jordan to obtain the necessities required to sustain life, let alone pay legal fees to defend his rights, but Jordan battled on for his name, image, and life’s work, and now he continues with his research and work.
Maxwell's REAL web site is https://jordanmaxwellshow.com/blog/

                                                                  Clifford Stone:

 A former Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone, has said the US Government had tried to suppress what he actually saw one strange day in Pennsylvania, back in 1969. In an interview he stated, "I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Also some of these were alive," he said. "While we were doing this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it. We were telling the world there was nothing to it,  "You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn't even notice the difference," he said.
 Stone claims to have catalogued 57 different species of alien life forms.

                                                                 Pete Peterson:

 Pete comes from a long line of inventors, including his grandfather who was Tesla's right-hand engineer at the Colorado laboratory.  From a young age, he was trained in the secrets of Tesla technology.  This gave him access to knowledge that was far more advanced than anything he could have been taught in the standard education system.
 When he was only in 8th grade, he built an antenna that performed so well, it far exceeded anything that the U.S. government was normally using for military applications.  This caught their attention and they recruited him.
 He was then trained by all the best scientists available within the classified world, earning multiple PhDs' worth of information in a variety of technical fields.  He became one of the top scientists and technology problem solvers within the classified world, and was widely considered their single most valuable and prolific inventor.  Ronald Reagan gave him the nickname "Mr. Do" as a result.  Sadly, almost all his world-changing inventions remain classified today.
 Pete was there at the formative stages of the same secret space program that other whistleblowers have been a part of as well. Although much of these advanced technologies that Pete helped to construct are still kept within classified programs, with little benefit for the average person, his recent coming forward with this information is a very positive step toward full disclosure.
                                                                Paul Hellyer:            

 Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. First elected in 1949, he was the youngest cabinet minister appointed to Louis S. St. Laurent’s government eight years later. He subsequently held senior posts in the governments of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre E. Trudeau, who defeated him for the Liberal Party leadership in 1968. The following year, after achieving the rank of senior minister, which was later designated Deputy Prime Minister, Hellyer resigned from the Trudeau cabinet on a question of principle related to housing.
 Although Hellyer is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and for his 1968 chairmanship of the Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, he has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. Through the years, as a journalist and political commentator, he has continued to fight for economic reforms and has written several books on the subject.
 In recent years he has become interested in the extraterrestrial presence and their superior technology that we have been emulating. In September 2005 he became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.”
                                                            Nick Pope:

 Author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope used to run the British Government's UFO project while Minister of Defence. Initially sceptical, his research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon and access to classified government files on the subject soon convinced him that the phenomenon raised important defence and national security issues, especially when the witnesses were military pilots, or where UFOs were tracked on radar.
 While working on the MoD's UFO project Nick Pope also looked into alien abductions, crop circles, animal mutilations, remote viewing and ghosts. He is now recognized as a leading authority on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories.
 He does extensive media work, lectures all around the world and has acted as presenter, consultant or contributor on numerous TV and radio shows.
 Check out Nick at http://www.nickpope.net/

                                                                  John Lear:

 John is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet executive aircraft, the 8-track stereo, and founder of Lear Inc. (now Lear-Siegler Corp., a large defense contractor). Mr. Lear retired in 2001 having flown over 150 different types of aircraft and as an airline pilot having flown over 19,500 hours in 60 countries for 25 different airlines.
 John’s Dad, William P. Lear, Sr. was President and Chairman of the Board of Lear, Inc. who in 1952 became the government’s primary contractor for anti-gravity. To the concern of the Pentagon, John’s dad was outspoken in his belief of the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors; however John did not become interested in the subject until 1985 when UFO stories captured his attention.
 John believed that in April of 1964, a meeting between ET and the U.S. Government took place at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Three saucers landed at a prearranged area and a meeting was held between the aliens and intelligence officers of the U.S. Government.”
 John Lear became a popular lecturer in the UFO circuit, and along with Mathematician Pari Spolter became convinced that Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation was wrong and that gravitational force is independent of the mass of the attracted body and that there is no basis for his assumption that gravitational force is due to and is proportional to the quantity and density of matter.
 Lear is an amateur astronomer and photographer. He has won several awards for his photos taken during his worldwide travels and is also an accomplished yachtsman having skippered ‘Soliloquy’ one of the 5 5 America’s boats after changeover from the ‘J’ Class. Lear, who has four daughters, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife. Marilee.
                                                           Edgar Mitchell:

 US astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the Moon, told reporters in the days after his Apollo 14 mission that he said he had experienced an "epiphany" in space and returned with "an overwhelming sense of oneness, of connectedness".
 Years later he wrote in his autobiography: "It occurred to me that the molecules of my body and the molecules of the spacecraft itself were manufactured long ago in the furnace of one of the ancient stars that burned in the heavens about me."
 Mr Mitchell left Nasa in 1972 and set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which aimed to support "individual and collective transformation through consciousness research".
 Mr Mitchell devoted much of his later life to studying the mind and unexplained phenomena. In 2008, he claimed that aliens had visited Earth and said he believed there was a government cover-up.
"I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real," he said in an interview with Kerrang Radio. "It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it." He died in early 2016 at a hospice in West Palm Beach, Florida, one day before the 45th anniversary of his Moon landing at the age of 85.
                                                            Gordon Cooper:

 Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr. (March 6, 1927 – October 4, 2004), (Col, USAF), better known as Gordon Cooper, was an American aerospace engineer, test pilot, United States Air Force pilot, and one of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury, the first manned space program of the United States.
 Cooper piloted the longest and final Mercury spaceflight in 1963. He was the first American to sleep in space during that 34-hour mission and was the last American to be launched alone to conduct an entirely solo orbital mission. In 1965, Cooper flew as Command Pilot of Gemini 5.
 Cooper claimed to have seen his first UFO while flying over West Germany in 1951, although he denied reports he had seen a UFO during his Mercury flight.
 He held claim until his death that the U.S. government was indeed covering up information about UFOs. He gave the example of President Harry Truman who he claimed said on April 4, 1950, "I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth." He also pointed out that there were hundreds of reports made by his fellow pilots, many coming from military jet pilots sent to respond to radar or visual sightings from the ground. In his memoirs, Cooper wrote he had seen other unexplained aircraft several times during his career, and also said hundreds of similar reports had been made. He further claimed these sightings had been "swept under the rug" by the U.S. government. Throughout his later life Cooper expressed repeatedly in interviews he had seen UFOs and described his recollections for the documentary "Out of the Blue."

                                                             Robert Wood:

 Dr. Robert Wood comes from a rigid academic environment straight into research and development projects for McDonnell Douglas. He probably experienced a few things that are out of the norm for the average human being.  
 Robert Wood has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell. He had a 43-year career at McDonnell Douglas, managing research and development projects. McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer and defence contractor.
 This is some of the testimony Robert Wood gave to several former United States Senators, Congressmen and women.  
    "One day after I reported to a couple of VP’s on how we were doing, one of them asked me personally if I was doing anything interesting outside of my job. ‘You’re not going to believe this, but i’ve read about 50 books on UFOs’, I said, and ‘the amazing conclusion I have come to is that they are very real extraterrestrial craft’. The only thing that’s uncertain is whether we find out how they work before or after our competitor lockheed. After a moment of silence one of them (VP) said, ‘how much would it cost to take a look at that question’? Therefore we started a project, quite low key to take a look at the question of how they work."
    "We did a lot of interesting projects, such as measure the effects of the huge magnetic field on the speed of light, interview an abductee, try to invent the physics that would permit travelling faster than the speed of light, develop an instrumented van to observe craft sightings anywhere anytime, and spawn magnets into space to try and change their weight."
 Robert Wood is also co-author of "Selected by Extraterrestrials", with William Tompkins, about his involvement in the Secret Space Program.


                                                          Michael Tellinger:

 Michael Tellinger, is an author of six books, scientist and explorer, who has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making ground-breaking discoveries about advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.
 Michael is the founder of the global UBUNTU Liberation Movement of higher consciousness and the UBUNTU Party as a political front for this global movement, with members in over 200 countries.
 He discovered more than 10 million stone ruins that are not dwellings, but energy generating devices. His Torus Stone, that crashed the TSA security systems at DOHA International Airport in July 2013, has sparked the imagination of the global scientific fraternity in the quest for delivering a new free energy device to the people of the world.
 Scholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago. New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.
 He advocates that we are the 99.99% and the world belongs to its people – it does not belong to the governments or corporations that have laid claim to it.
 Michaels' web site is http://michaeltellinger.com/


                                                          Patrick Flanagan:

 During the 1970s, Flanagan was a proponent of pyramid power. He wrote several books and promoted it with lectures and seminars. According to Flanagan, pyramids with the exact relative dimensions of Egyptian pyramids act as "an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy." One of his first books, Pyramid Power, was featured in the lyrics of The Alan Parsons Project album, Pyramid.
In 1958, at the age of 13, Flanagan invented a device which he called a Neurophone, which he claimed transmitted sound via the nervous system to the brain. He has been called the re-incarnation of Nikola Tesla.
 Flanagan can be found at http://www.phisciences.com/

                                                            Richard Dolan:

 Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs, and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.
 For the past two decades, Richard has been a dedicated student of all things related to UFOs, steadily expanding his interests within that topic from his initial focus on government documents and the cover-up. Now his interests include it all, from the deepest aspects of the coverup, to contact and abduction, the science behind the phenomenon, how the phenomenon has affected world culture, his theory of a breakaway civilization, the possible relationship of artificial intelligence and biotechnology to the UFO phenomenon, and the implications of the end of secrecy, that is, the world After Disclosure. He hosts a show on GAIA TV called "False Flags".
 In addition to his research, Richard’s company, Richard Dolan Press, actively publishes innovative books by authors from around the world. His website is https://www.richarddolanpress.com/

                                                              Philip Corso:

 Philip James Corso (May 22, 1915 – July 16, 1998) was an American Army officer. He served in the United States Army from February 23, 1942, to March 1, 1963, and earned the rank of lieutenant colonel.
 Corso published "The Day After Roswell", about how he was involved in the research of extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident. On July 23, 1997, he was a guest on the popular late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell where he spoke live about his Roswell story. This interview was rebroadcast by Coast to Coast AM on July 3, 2010.
 In his book The Day After Roswell (co-author William J. Birnes) claims he managed extraterrestrial artifacts recovered from a crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Corso says a covert government group was assembled under the leadership of Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, the first director of Central Intelligence (and member of Majestic 12). Among its tasks was to collect all information on off-planet technology. The US administration simultaneously discounted the existence of flying saucers in the eyes of the public, Corso says.
 According to Corso, the reverse engineering of these artifacts indirectly led to the development of accelerated particle beam devices, fiber optics, lasers, integrated circuit chips and Kevlar material. In the book, Corso claims the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), or "Star Wars", was meant to achieve the destructive capacity of electronic guidance systems in incoming enemy warheads, as well as the disabling of enemy spacecraft, including those of extraterrestrial origin.

                                                              Henry Deacon:

 Arthur Neumann is his real name.  Initially, when he first came forward he did so under an assumed name (Henry Deacon) to protect himself and his family.  In 2009 he decided to come forward under his real name.
 According to David Wilcock "While Henry’s public unveiling was a spectacular event, it had negative consequences. Within a short time, he went totally off the radar, broke off all contact with me (which had never happened before), and appeared to have been severely threatened."
 "This is still where the situation stands today. Nothing has changed. I have reason to believe Henry is still alive, but he’s definitely gone silent. Nonetheless, I probably heard just about everything significant he had to say before this ever happened. Much of it is still being held as confidential information."
 "These are not the actions of a con-artist, an egomaniac addicted to praise, or someone trying to make a fast buck. Henry’s testimony correlated amazingly well with all sorts of ‘tidbits’ I’d heard before."                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                             Andrew Basiago:

 Andrew D. Basiago is a Vancouver, Washington lawyer of apparently high repute. As a side project, he runs Project Pegasus, a group dedicated to lobbying the government to release the secrets of teleportation and time travel for the benefit of mankind.
 Basiago claims to have participated in two DARPA/CIA classified programs involving time travel and teleportation to Mars. He describes himself as an indigo child.

                                                              Timothy Good:

 Timothy Good became interested in the UFO subject in 1955, when his passion for aviation and space led him to read a book by Major Donald Keyhoe describing UFO sightings by qualified observers such as military and civilian pilots. In 1961, after reading a book by Captain Edward Ruppelt, a U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, he began to conduct his own research. Since then, he has amassed a wealth of evidence, including several thousand declassified intelligence documents.
 His first book, "Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-up" (1987) became an instant bestseller, and is regarded widely as the definitive work on the subject.
You can find Good at http://www.timothygood.co.uk/

                                                                 Len Kasten:

 Len Kasten is a UFO researcher and freelance writer. He intensively studied the Edgar Cayce Readings at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach and has been a lifelong devotee of astrology and theosophy. He is a former member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and he is the president of the American Philosopher Society. He has been a feature writer, with more than 50 published articles, for Atlantis Rising magazine. He lives in Casa Grande, Arizona.
 His books include "The Secret History of Extraterrestrials" and "Secret Journey to Planet Serpo." http://www.et-secrethistory.net/secret-journey.html for more info.

                                                             William Henry:

 William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension.
 He has a unique ability to incorporate historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, archaeological and other forms of such knowledge into factually-based theories and conclusions that provide the layperson with a more in-depth understanding of the profound shift we are actually experiencing in our lifetime.
 The spiritual voice and Consulting Producer of the global hit History Channel program, Ancient Aliens, and host of the Gaia TV series The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension, and Arcanum, along with his wife, Clare, William Henry is your guide into the transformative sacred science of human ascension.
 Find William at http://www.williamhenry.net/

                                                          Dr. Michael Salla:

 Dr. Michael Salla has a PhD from the University of Queensland in Australia in government affairs (1993) where he specialized in conflict resolution. he wound up as an Assistant Professor at the Center for Global Peace at American University. When his activities involving Exopolitics became popular the University, in 1994, no longer wanted to be associated with him.
 Salla subsequently moved to Hawaii and started his Exopolitics web site http://exopolitics.org/  initially to display his scholarly work that was not allowed to be placed on his American University web site.
 He believes there is a genuine reptilian presence back to antiquity. There are two groups: alien reptiles and those who descended from dinosaurs. He does not buy into the Icke theory of shape-shifting, but says the reptiles use technology to disguise their looks at one point and at another says they use mind control. This mind control can be broken by psychics and cameras, so the reptilians don't get out much because a photograph can show their true nature.
 He has written several books, including "Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence" and "Exposing U.S. Government Policies On Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge Of Exopolitics."

                                                             Stanton Friedman:

 Stanton Terry Friedman (born July 29, 1934) is a retired nuclear physicist and professional ufologist who resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He worked on research and development projects for several large companies.
 Friedman was the first civilian to document the site of the Roswell UFO incident, and supports the hypothesis that it was a genuine crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. In 1968 Friedman told a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives that the evidence suggests that Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial vehicles. Friedman also stated he believed that UFO sightings were consistent with magnetohydrodynamic propulsion.
In 1996, after researching and fact checking the Majestic 12 documents, Friedman said that there was no substantive grounds for dismissing their authenticity.
 Books by Stanton:
"Flying Saucers & Science, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience." Co-author Kathleen Marden, "Top Secret/MAJIC," "Crash at Corona: The Definitive Story of The Roswell Incident." Co-author Don Berliner, "Science was Wrong: Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions "They" Declared Impossible." Co-author Kathleen Marden.

                                                                Bob Lazar:

 Robert Scott Lazar ( born January 26, 1959) claims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4, near the Area 51 test facility, and that the UFOs use gravity wave propulsion. This is powered by the, at the time, undiscovered element 115. He further claims to have read US government briefing documents that describe alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10,000 years
 Lazar is responsible for bringing the secret test site Area 51 to the attention of the general public. In May 1989, Lazar appeared in a special interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS, under the pseudonym "Dennis" and with his face hidden, to discuss his purported employment at "S-4", a subsidiary facility he claimed exists near United States Air Force facility Area 51. Supposedly adjacent to Papoose dry lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake, he said the facility included concealed aircraft hangars built into the side of a mountain. In his interview with Knapp, Lazar said he was involved in reverse engineering several flying saucers. He appeared under his own name and unmasked in another interview with Knapp in November.
 Lazar recently surfaced and continued giving interviews about his days at ares 51/S4.

                                                               Bob Dean:

 Robert Orel Dean (born March 2, 1929) is an American ufologist from Tucson, Arizona.
Dean retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major after a 28-year career. He has appeared on radio programs, TV documentaries and at conferences discussing the subject of UFOs and a government cover up of alien visitations to Earth. Dean claims to have viewed a classified government document called "The Assessment" that allegedly discussed threats posed by alien activity on Earth, and concluded that no such threats existed. Dean says he considers himself a professional UFO researcher and had "cosmic top secret" clearance while in the military. In 1992 while employed as emergency services coordinator for Pima County, Arizona.
                                                          Gary McKinnon:

 Gary McKinnon (born 10 February 1966) is a Scottish systems administrator and hacker who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the "biggest military computer hack of all time," although McKinnon himself states that he was merely looking for evidence of free energy suppression and a cover-up of UFO activity and other technologies potentially useful to the public. What he found was data on the Solar Warden space fleet, and a list referring to Non-Terrestrial Officers.
 On 16 October 2012, after a series of legal proceedings in Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May withdrew her extradition order to the United States.
 Why was it withdrawn? Obviously, since it was already in the mainstream media, it would've blown the lid off the Secret Space Program.

                                                             Laura Eisenhower:

 Laura Eisenhower completes the work begun by her great grandfather, U.S. President Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower, who warned the world about the military-industrial complex. She tells us how to defeat them.
 Laura reveals a rare depth of public candor for a member of a US presidential family by predicting the coming collapse of the Military-Industrial Complex and a global transformation driven by enlightened unity consciousness. Her declarations come on the 50th anniversary of President Eisenhower’s famous Farewell Address of January 17, 1961, in which he warned the American people about the "untoward influence of the Military-Industrial Complex” on the US government.
 In February 2010, Laura Eisenhower first revealed that in 2006 and 2007, she was invited to join the secret US colony on Mars. At the time, she wrote: “My great grandfather, President Ike, who was also the Army General who led the Allied Forces to victory over Hitler, battled evil corrupt powers on Earth and took on some of the most challenging scenarios in history.  As I grew up, I could sense that I was completing this battle that has ancient roots.  When Hitler died and the Nazis lost power, the entities − including those that were ETs − did not.  They continued to find hosts and create agreements with people who were a part of the… Global Elite, who want to run things through fear tactics, control and the suppression of Sophia or the essence of the Divine Feminine.” A link to her YouTube Channel is:



 A word about Edward Snowden:

 Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983) is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former contractor for the United States government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 without authorization. His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments.
 As you can see, Snowden is an expert in this area. However, some unscrupulous Youtube channels would have us think Snowden is an authority on UFOS, Aliens, the Kabal (being in his position, he should know a little about them), Nibiru - which does exist, but isn't, and doesn't, come anywhere close to the solar system -, Middle Earth, and anything else not to do with surveillance. These people just want to lure you into watching their videos - like the
Marshall Masters (Niriru's been here 10 times in the past 5 years) phony - they all have something to sell.
Then there's the fear mongerers and the complete idiots who will upload anything sent to them...like"
Thirdphaseofmoon". Fear merchants "Paul Begley" in collaboration with "BPEarthWatch". Of course there are channels like "Section 51", Who have the gall to blatantly upload sci-fi clips from movies ("Superman Returns" for one), and pass them off as real. Amazingly, they have over 100,000 subscribers!
 "Project Camelot". the name is almost as confusing as the bizarre and unbelievable "
Project Camelot: A Rothchild Speaks Out" video. They do have a lot of good interviews though, preferrably without the snake Bill Ryan and his stupid hat, who sits back and offers nothing but the odd comment during the entire time. No wonder Cassidy got rid of him. He's probably the reason Bill Tompkins cancelled their second interview several months back, and wanted nothing more to do with them. Ryan then proceeded to start the unoriginal copycat "Project Avalon", a site - along with someTHING called "the dark journalist" , that badgers and threatens our heroic whistleblowers, such as Corey Goode, and probably Tompkins, who tell the same story, although having never met at the time.

Be careful out there.


Full Disclosure of UFOS, Alien Races, and Suppressed Technologies is imminent.They can't hide it much longer.
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